what does hmu means

HMU is an abbreviation which means “hit me up“. It is mostly used in text messages. It’s a natural way to tell someone to contact him or her by phone or email. It is the alternative word used to contact me or call me.

Origin of HMU:

HMU is an informal way of asking someone to contact them. It was first used during the year 2009. Then it was used in facebook, and later in 2010, it was seen on online dictionaries like the urban dictionary.

What does HMU mean on social media?

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are used by millions of people to contact each other. The most valuable part of these social media is that it allows people to send instant messages. Therefore HMU is used in messages as well as in comments to have someone contact them.

Example texts with HMU:

John: hey, I will leave the office at 5.30.
Kevin: ok, hmu when you reach home.

HMU with moves:

HMU with making moves is a term that means making strike plans against someone or an organization. It is generally related to crime. If you ask someone HMU with moves means that you are interested in participating in a strike with them.

Example texts with HMU with move:

I think I can knock him out, HMU with moves.

Being flirty with HMU:

The word HMU can’t always be flirty; it is mostly based on the context. In general, HMU means you get a callback, which can be used to set up a date or meeting.

Example texts with HMU:

What are you doing after school? No plans, well HMU and we can grab a coffee.

HMU & TBH Meaning:

TBH means to be honest if it is combined with HMU into HMU for a TBH, it means you are asking the other person to contact you back with their honest opinion about something or someone.

Example texts with HMU & TBH:

Do you know Alice? HMU for a TBH on her.


HMU expands hit me up, and HML means hit my line, both the synonyms have a similar meaning. You can use HMU or HML in a context. When you use these words, you are asking the other person to contact you.