If you bored with your regular hairstyles and eager to try out some cool hairstyles, then you are in the right place. Some people said the perfect hairstyle would automatically boost your personality and confidence. So, have a stunning hairstyle and be a handsome guy. 

In this article, you are going to find the ten best hairstyles which you can experiment it to make you look cool and sexy. Let’s quickly move to the content.

Here is a list of the ten best hairstyles for boys, 

  • Modern Faux Hawk with Low Fade
  • High Fade with Cropped Fringe 
  • High Fade with Quiff
  • High Fade with Designs
  • Low Fade with Long Fringe
  • Braided Razor with Pompadour on top
  • Short Sides with Medium Hair
  • Classic Crew Cut with High Fade
  • Slicked Back with Shorter Hair Sides
  • Low Fade with Thick Hair on Top

Modern Faux Hawk with Low Fade

The Faux Hawk hairstyle is something cool to try. The sides are trimmed, and in the middle, the hair is brushed up. The fade depends on the person of interest. If you want a low fade, then you can choose a clipper according to it; if you want a medium fade, then just trim shorter with the help of scissors. To end up with this hairstyle, you need to apply some good amount of gel or pomade to make the middle of your hair funky.

High Fade with Cropped Fringe

The High Fade with Cropped Fringe is one of the best hair cut for boys which is trending nowadays. With highly faded sides and cropped fringe in the middle, this hairstyle is something unique to try it for. Moreover, this hairstyle goes well with the boys of any type of hair, which includes thin, thick, and curly. 

High Fade with Quiff

If you have long hair with three or more inches on top, then with no doubt, you can consider this as your stylish hairstyle. With three or more inches on the top, the quaff can be executed well. Depending on how shorter you need to have on your sides, buzz them into a good taper fade.

High Fade with Designs

Many hairstyles might have lost their trend recently, but one hairstyle that stands out from that kind of situation is the High Fade hairstyles with designs on the sides. There are a variety of designs that one can select according to his style, with a high fade on sides, the designs seem to be cool and versatile. It is also considered as low maintenance hairstyle.

Low Fade with Long Fringe

Long hairstyles are popular for years, and it is also a trendy hairstyle. The thick, textured, and spiky fringe on the top with a low fade on the sides gives you a stylish look.

Braided Razor with Pompadour on top

With minimal length, your hair can be sectioned to make a braid on the top. This is a unique style that we recommend you to experience it. This hairstyle looks stylish as it is combined with Pompadour.

Short Sides with Medium Hair

This low skinny faded on sides combined with spikes side looks cool with a beard trimmed well. You will look attractive when you have this hairstyle.

Classic Crew Cut with High Fade

The crew cut is a popular style for boys who wish to have short hair. It is easy to maintain and looks stylish, as well. The high fade on sides and back along with the line-up makes this a clean look hairstyle.

Slicked Back with Shorter Hair Sides

It is a retro-style haircut that you can wear this for night parties. It is simple, and you can try to make this hairstyle at your home with proper tools. With side trimmed short and long hair on top slicked back, this one is a sexy hairstyle to look out for.

Low Fade with Thick Hair on Top

The thick hair on top has been trendy among the boys, and it’s easy to maintain. This hairstyle goes well with all types of hair types and looks perfect after styling naturally.

We are at the end of this article. The above mentioned ten best hairstyles are popular and trendy to experiment it. Whenever you are eager to try some cool and stylish hairstyle, choose one among the above-mentioned styles, sure they will not disappoint you. Take your time and enjoy your style; it will enhance your personality. I hope you all love these styles and try them next time.