What To Look For When Buying The Best Gaming Laptop

You cannot buy a gaming laptop in a very easy way. You have to consider a lot of things before purchasing the best gaming laptop else you will lose all your money in buying a poor device. You may not be aware of the things that taken into consideration while selecting the gaming laptop, so here we listed all the necessary things. Carefully read each and every topic to avoid wasting money.

what to look for when buying the best gaming laptop


Graphics: Integrated or Dedicated

Integrated graphics won’t perform well in playing high graphics games. Dedicated graphics are the ones you have to buy in order to get a massive gaming experience. Nvidia is the popular GPU manufacture for laptops. Its latest graphics chipset 2080Ti performs well in handling higher end games. If money is not an issue means buy the 2080Ti processor laptop else choose any lower versions like 2070, 2060, and 1070.

Display Size: 15inch or 17inch

One of the main reasons for buying gaming laptops is portability, so you have to be more careful in choosing the display size. Bigger screen size like 17inch will perform well in delivering high quality and clear gaming video, but it is not a good choice for portability.

Because bigger screen sized laptops will occupy more space and heavier to carry. So portability is the main reason for you in purchasing a gaming laptop means choose a 15inch screen laptop else buy 17inch.

CPU: Intel or AMD

Most of the gaming laptops come with Intel processors only. It is because of the excellent performance in gaming. AMD configured gaming laptops are in the market for the last three years only. It does not deliver a performance like Intel for gaming.

So, prioritize the Intel-based gaming laptops also choose the higher variant and generation like i7 10th generation. Meanwhile, you can buy Core i5 based laptops if you are in a shortage of money.

Storage: HDD or SSD

Even though SSD provides more performance than HDD, its storage size is limited to 512GB in most laptops, so you can’t store a large amount of data or install multiple games. Hence you have to buy a gaming laptop that has both SSD and HDD. SSD will be used for installing the operating system and games, and HDD will be used for storage. Usually, HDD comes with 1TB of storage, but that is not an issue because you can upgrade it later if needed.


DDR3 RAMs are outdated these dates, so purchase DDR4 equipped laptop to get better performance. Coming to the size of the RAM, 16GB is enough for playing higher-end games, but you are not satisfied means go for 32GB RAM. If you are in budget, buy a gaming laptop with 8GB of RAM, it also gives reasonable performance.

Keyboard: Mechanical or Touchpads

Mechanical keyboards are very popular among gamers because of quality, actuation, anti-ghosting, and performance. Many other advantages are there in using mechanical keyboards like backlight, key replacement, custom programmable keys, etc. So purchase mechanical keyboard type laptops to avail these features else buy a touchpad type laptop if you prefer a smooth feel.


Sound quality is more important for playing games because it gives the actual gaming experience. Laptops having a DTS Surround sound option will be your first priority since it gives real-world sound experience. If you don’t get anything with surround sound, buy a high-quality Bluetooth-enabled earphone with a noise cancellation feature.


Now you will get confused about choosing the brand well, that is a common issue. Many brands provided gaming laptops in different price ranges. So first clear with your requirements by reading the above things and choose the brand that gives a laptop under your budget. Because the performance provided by all branded gaming laptops are similar only.


I hope now you got cleared with all the necessary things to check before buying a gaming laptop. You will use gaming laptops for at least five years, so please spend some time researching your needs and then go for shopping!

Source: cliffyb.com