What are the Best Attacking Strategies for TownHall 10 Base

COC (Clash of Clans) is a real-time game that needs strategies to win the wars and other battles. So you are a lover of COC and need some best attacking strategies, then don’t worry, you are in the right place. There are lots of attacking strategies available on the internet, but what we chose is which one will work great for your battle.

Every attacking strategy works depends on certain troops, which will change over time. The attacking strategy that you use might be OP (Over-powered) for a few months and might not work for the other month, as the defense or main troop gets buffed. Here, we guide you with some 3-Star attacking strategies.

If you are a player who reached Town Hall 10 or about to reach Town Hall 10, well, you are going to find this article cool, which will guide you to build some best attacking strategies in Clash of Clans. Why are you waiting? Scroll down and know the attacking strategies.

PEKKA Smash – 3 Star Attacking

Here is the nice attacking strategy that works well for troops. The focus of this strategy is mainly for higher Town Halls like 10. This strategy is called PEKKA Smash since it has higher damage and hit-points, and it goes very well for town hall 10 bases.

There are three units, that is PEKKA, Healer, and Bowlers. While implementing this, make sure that both the Bowlers and PEKKA go into the base, and the Bowlers stay alive as much as possible. They are strong to survive, and this combo will wreck the enemy base into pieces. This attacking strategy is mainly used in Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues.

Steps need to perform PEKKA Smash

  1. Building the Funnel is more important after that send your Queen (Walk/Charge).
  2. Remember to place the Wall Wrecker with Bowlers and PEKKA’s.
  3. Support and make your Bowlers alive.

Advantages of PEKKA Smash

  • Easy to use for higher-level bases.
  • The success rate is high while using this strategy properly.

Disadvantages of PEKKA Smash

  • It can’t be implemented against all bases.
  • PEKKA needs to be maxed for a high success rate.

Electrone – 3 Star Attacking

Electrone is one of the attacking strategies that has risen in the past few months. It is considered as a best viable attacking strategy which has a high 3-star winning rate (when used properly).  Generally, Electrone uses a LaLoon attack to take out the base, but in this, you will be using a Stone Slammer to get the Balloons and also an Electro Dragon, which is on the Queen in the center, this part will be the strong defensive section of your base.

Let’s know how this attacking strategy works. First, you will be using the Clone Spells for creating Balloons in the center, and later, using these regular combinations will be clearing out the base. This attacking strategy works well from Town Hall 10 to Town Hall 12, the main purpose of this is for Clan War and Clan War Leagues.

Steps need to perform Electrone

  1. Better Scouting.
  2. Use all Suicide Heroes.
  3. Use the Electrone properly.
  4. For cleaning up, use LaLoon.

Advantages of Electrone

  • Extremely powerful for a 3-star winning ratio.
  • Success against many bases.

Disadvantages of Electrone

  • The error occurs when not used properly.
  • The attack fails when Blimp doesn’t reach its destination.

Mass Dragon – 3 Star Attacking

Mass Dragon is very effective in trophy pushing. It has the longest history in Clash of Clans, as many used it as their attacking strategy. This attacking strategy is very useful for levels from Town Hall 7 to Town Hall 11 and best for town hall 10. It is more useful in all kinds of leagues. The only difference that this strategy encounters is the spells that you are using. The main purpose of this strategy is for Trophy Pushing and Clan War.

Steps need to perform Mass Dragon

  1. Taking down the Air defenses with proper Spells.
  2. Deploy Dragons on your outside.
  3. Make your Dragons are going through the base.
  4. Support Dragons with Spells.
  5. Clean up and go for TH with the Heroes.

Advantages of Mass Dragon

  • Effective and efficient for all Leagues and Town Hall.
  • Flexible and easy to use.

Disadvantages of Mass Dragon

  • Expensive.
  • Need more training.


I hope that we guided you with some best attacking strategies that are still not out-dated in Clash of Clans Town Hall 10. There are tons of attacking strategies that you can find, but the mentioned strategies are more powerful attacking strategies. Implement these new attacking strategies, enjoy playing.