What are the Best Real Estate Agencies in Florida

Are you looking to buy a home in Florida? If your answer is yes means, then you definitely need the best real estate agent to do this work. Because they know about the properties very well than you, they can make purchases with heavy discounts also, so it advised to have a real estate agent to make deals. For your convenience, we have listed the best real estate agencies operating in Florida.

Century 21

Century 21 is a very popular agency in the real estate field. They are well known for their customer satisfaction, particularly with first-time buyers/sellers. Century 21 is ranked #1 for the first time home buyer/seller satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates in the year 2018. It has a wide range of presence in entire Florida.

They also have a huge customer base through the online portal, and it is the most visited real estate website since 2012. It was founded by two real estate agents Art Bartlett and Marsha Fisher, in the year 1971. Now they are operating in more than 74 countries with 7000 franchise offices and 110000 associates.

Bishop West Florida

Bishop West Florida provides a high level of service through caring, honest, and 24/7 support. Every customer who bought their first home through Bishop West Florida also made their second purchase. They have almost 100 years of experience in this field. Their first process in buying a home is understanding customer needs and desires. So that they can provide a better service to them,

Keyes Company

Keyes Company is founded in the year 1926, and it is one of the largest family-owned real estate agency in Florida. Their agents provide a wide range of services to their clients to make the home buying and selling process the most easier way. Most of the agents in Keyes are working for more than ten years because of the working environment. Its growth is increasing every year by adding at least 100 brokers each year.


It was founded by a young man named Jim Weichert in the year 1969 in New Jersey. Now it is one of the largest leading real estate agencies in the country and also in Florida. Still, it is owned by Jim with an experienced sales team. They started the franchise in the year 2002 and having around 500 offices across the country, including Florida. They spend more time solving their customer’s queries to make the correct choice.

RE/MAX Premier

RE/MAX is another recognized brand in the real estate field. It was founded in the year 1973 and now operating in more than 100 countries with 200,000 real estate associates. RE/MAX named as the most productive real estate agent in the United States. Their agent’s dedication and work manners are responsible for this award. For every sale it makes they donate a small amount of money to the local organizations.

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

Coldwell Banker is the most trusted real estate agency in Florida. They train their agents to become experts in buying and selling of homes. It is one of the largest privately-owned real estate company that operates in almost 50 countries across the globe. They own around 3000 offices with thousands of associates. They also have charity programs to raise funds for non-profit organizations.

Keller Williams

Keller Williams was founded in the year 1983 in Texas. With two years of service, they became one of the largest real estate services in Austin. They expanded their service to other states in the year 1990. They train their agents very professionally, so everyone became an expert in this field. Now it has more than 100,000 real estate associates across the globe. Like Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams also the largest privately owned real estate agency in the United States.