What Are The Best Acoustic Guitars To Buy In 2020

The acoustic guitar market is more diverse than ever in 2020, so it’s a difficult but pleasant challenge to define the qualities of the best acoustic guitar.

Not only more brands, there are manufacturers, countries of origin, targets, and iterations of acoustic guitar models than ever before; we’ve also seen a jump in the quality of the instruments produced at lower prices over the last decade.

Our guide covers a broad spectrum of the market, providing a set of acoustic guitars from perfectly executed high-end investment parts to modern classics and popular and affordable mass-production versions far exceeding their weight.

Our critics’ team has thoroughly tested all of these models, and this summary brings together our best acoustic guitars. There is definitely something for you.

best acoustic guitar

Dreadnought Martin Standard Series D-28

Martin D-28 Reimagined is conceived to describe the term acoustic guitar Dreadnought. Redesigned is the synthesis of new reinforcements and forward displacement, a wider nut, an aged spruce top, and open antique gear tuners. What gives modern playability the sound of an old and well-played instrument.

The significant change that Martin has made is the innovative, forward bracing, which enables the upper part to vibrate and resonate more than ever before.

With its wooden structure, Martin reinvented Sitka spruce in absolute tone, and the rosewood is as emblematic and powerful as Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster in every way possible.

Clarity and stability – Traditionally there is a difference between how we appreciate the sound of our guitars and how they reflect fashion, a reference battleship with an enhanced appearance

Yamaha A5R ARE.

Join Yamaha, a pioneer in stage-ready acoustic technology for decades, and you may have been giving us a very attractive solution in the A5R ARE.

The rounded edges of the A5R’s neck give a pleasant gaming experience that mimics the feeling of the guitars that have been played to some degree and have etheric consistency in the high ranges, even if some high resonances are shared with the lower action.

A5’s resonance and light balance is a great showcase for the SRT2 smart preamp: we couldn’t really compose a” poor”’ tone.

Washburn Woodbine 10 Series WL1012SE

Are you looking for something cheap and just looking to remove and get started? That’s fine, you should always try to find new hobbies, and if you don’t want to spend a fortune on an instrument you’ve never had before, it’s perfectly understandable.

Washburn WL1012SE comes to rescue those wanting a simple guitar that will last for a while. Under those of the “Great Orchestra,” you’ll find this particular model: more round and a little smaller than a classic battleship. A good option for small-handed children and adults.

The upper part is laminated spruce, with Sapele at the body’s back and sides. Even if the model is quite simple, you’ll find a cut that makes playing on the upper frets easier. After a little practice something you might enjoy.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

best acoustic guitar

The Epiphone EJ-200SCE is here to save you if you are looking for a better acoustic guitar that doesn’t cost you the world. We will give you this excellent economic Epiphone EJ-200SCE if you want an acoustic guitar for the fashion performances.

You may have the feeling though that the Epiphones are for those whose price is outside the property of Gibson. If so, you may want to reconsider your position with the EJ-200SCE.

Epiphone is synonymous with its name, and the EJ-200SCE is a clone of J-200. It offers a solid high-end design and excellent cut with electronic functions, all of which make it unique to others. This guitar comes with a maple laminated body, complemented by a solid spruce top.

Traditional Guild D-55

The D-55 is the battleship of the Guild, very similar to the 14-free Martin, which conquers everything it is based upon. However, if you’re used to a handle on the neck, the D-55 battleship makes a big contrast: a bright neck and a thinner nut that accentuates the overall thinness of the neck; more of a D than a C profile, to invite comfortable first-position chords, helped by an incredibly low action.

This reinforcement of Adirondack also does its job because the separation of the strings, the definition, and the dynamic range are remarkable, and during the soft or hard game, it feels strong, alive, and resonant.

The latest traditional models, if this guitar is something, are absolutely up to the other great American names, offering excellent quality of construction and world-class sound. The D-55 is a potentially serious workaholic who is likely to survive and outperform any one of us as long as we can keep choosing a comfortable scraper.

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