What Is A Keyword Research Tool And Why Do You Need One?

Before getting into the topic, I want to give an answer for some basic questions like what is a keyword, how to find a keyword, what is a keyword research tool, and why you need it for your website or blog.

what is keyword research

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are the simple words that general people type into search engines like google, bing, and Baidu. In other words, keywords can be called search terms because people are typing them in search engines to search for something for their needs.

You can also search for something like what is the keyword on google, then it will become a search term. Google will give you a set of results for that particular search term. This is how a search engine generally works. Here bloggers or webmasters target those search terms or keywords on their website to generate traffic.

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword Research Tool is a simple online application or software that gives the best keywords to bloggers or webmasters to target on their websites. As a normal human being, you don’t know the search terms that entering into search engines. But these tools will gather that information from any search engine database and then present it to you.

It is the main reason for using the keyword research tool. For example, if I get low competitive keywords using a keyword research tool means I can target them on my website to generate traffic or leads. Also, it will create an opportunity for my website to be viewed by millions of people around the world.

Keywords not only generate traffic to my website. Rather, it will become a key source of my revenue too. A good keyword will create a lead generation from your website for that you will get a good amount of commission. In this way, you can earn an amount in millions.

Best Keyword Research Tool

I have used 100’s of keyword research tools on my ten years of Digital Marketing journey. But none of them had features like RankTracker’s Keyword Finder Tool. Also, I recommend you to use the same tool for your keyword research.

This tool not only doing the keyword research work. It can track your keywords ranking on the SERP page too. So it is an all in one SEO tool for bloggers and webmasters.

Let me explain you more about this Keyword finder tool.

It is a top-rated product by popular digital marketers around the world because keywords generated by this tool have very low competition and giving accurate data for the keyword like Keyword Difficulty, Google Trend, Search Volume, CPC, PPC, etc.

Keyword Difficulty can be calculated on the number of factors such as competitor’s authority, age of the domains ranking on SERP, referring domains of the competitors, and so on. Keyword Difficulty of count 60 or 70 above is very difficult to rank on SERP.

This tool provides google trends for a particular keyword on their dashboard itself. So it adds more value to the users with ease of access. 

Also, you will get the monthly search volume for a particular keyword. You can use this metric to calculate the rough estimation of traffic for your website. In addition to these features, this tool provides CPC and PPC for every keyword. These metrics will be very useful in paid marketing campaigns.

How to Use Keyword Research Tool

First of all, make an account on the RankTracker website and then go to the keyword finder tool. There you will get a clean UI with the search box.

Enter your desired search term on the search box and press enter. Then a list of keywords will be displayed under the search box, which is relevant for your search term. You can compare those keywords with all available metrics to filter the best keyword that you can rank on SERP.


I hope now you get a clear idea about keywords, keyword research tools, and why to use them for your website. So, don’t waste your time anymore, buy the keyword research tool to rank your website, and make money from it.