What is a US Passport Card? Explained in Detail

what is passport card

US Passport Card is a identification document which is used to verify your identity while travelling to Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and the Bermuda it is usually in credit card size. It is applicable for travelling done through only land and sea. US Passport have your traditional photograph, personal informations and a radio frequency identification chip which links your passport with government database.

Can I able to Travel All Countries with US Passport Card?

Since US Passport card is only valid for sea, land travel to and from Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and the Bermuda. You cannot use it for International Air Travel. If you want to travel by Flight means you must have a US Passport book. To know more details about passport card and passport book refer here.

What is the Price for US Passport Card?

Passport card is cheap when compared to Passport book for adults it is around $65 for first 10 years then renewals cost is 30$ and for child price is $50 which is valid for 5 years. And Passport book charges are 145$ for registration and 110$ for renewal.

Can I carry both Passport Card and Book?

Yeah you can carry both type of passports with you there is no legal issue with that. But you need more careful with your passports because if you lost it you have to face many problems. So always double check your passport with you.

How To Apply for a Passport Card?

You need to go in person to Passport Application Facility center it may either be a courthouse or post office and submit the passport application form with citizenship document, passport size photo and fees amount.

Then you will be called to verify your documents and some legal questions will be asked by the passport officer. So you need to answer them very correctly with honest then they will get back to your through email after issuing the passport.

Passport photo that you submitting for passport card must be in proper size also you must not wear any glass or hat while taking the photograph. If you have any health issues means it is mandatory to submit proper document with the passport card application form. If you live outside the US and don’t have social security number means you have to pay the fine amount of $500.

How to Track my Passport Card application status?

There is a online application for tracking your passport card application status which is provided by our state government. You must enter your last name, last 4 digit of your ssn number and birthdate to track your application.

When I will get my Passport Card?

Usually it will take around seven to eight weeks for passport card to reach you through mail. So apply for the passport atleast 14 weeks before your travel date then you won’t face any problem during your vacation time.

If you need passport card very quick and don’t have long time means you can apply for expedited processing which cost you additional 60$. Expedited processing usually takes 2 to 3 weeks only and you will get your passport through first class mail.